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Ben Benson AWCF is a Master Farrier covering Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Gloucestershire.

Ben works with a huge range of clients, from those with 5* level and Olympic horses in all disciplines, to children’s ponies and leisurely hackers.

With a specialism and passion for remedial and performance farriery, Ben is able to differentiate between the requirements for each horse’s discipline, individual confirmation and circumstances.

The service offered by Ben Benson Farriery allows us to liaise with vets and all types of para-professionals (eg saddle fitter or physio) about specific horses, and the ability to work together collectively to help resolve issues.

We have two vans on the road at all times, allowing us the flexibility to cover a large area, while working in two locations at once, increasing our ability to deal with emergencies as quickly as possible.

Shoeing appointments are also available at our bespoke forge in Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire – ideally situated in a thriving equine area with ample parking available and excellent facilities, providing the optimal setting for us to fully assess your horse and his needs. We are able to make and fit (or when required, to fabricate) any remedial or therapeutic shoe when/as needed.

We are proud to provide an exceptional service, just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Work Undertaken

Remedial Farriery

Mobile Shoeing, covering a wide area

Shoeing Appointments at our Forge by appointment

Working with Vets and other Professionals viewing X-Rays and Scans at your yard or our forge.

Static and Dynamic Evaluation

Remedial Shoeing

HoofBeat Gait Analysis assessments pre and post shoeing.

Complicated Hoof Crack Repair using the latest modern materials and shoeing technology.

Shoes to suit all needs. Making and Fitting (or when required fabricating) any Remedial or Therapeutic shoe as needed both at your yard or at our forge.

Barefoot Trimming for horses both in and out of work.

Specialist Laminitis Treatment. Laminitis Rehabilitation also available.

Remedial farriery comes in a variety of ways and doesn’t mean that your horse has to be lame or need bar shoes to benefit from it. Sometimes a bog-standard basic set of shoes is now not enough to keep your horse in peak fitness or it maybe you have noticed that they are struggling with a specific movement when being ridden in the school or when being worked.

You may find it struggles with having poles down on one rein or just to keep the same performance when the ground changes or as the horse gets older or is progressing up the levels then it would probably benefit from being assessed with a view to seeing if there is a better or more tailored approach that can help to create more symmetrical and balanced movement.

We look after a number of horses that have a number of performance issues as well as horses that come to us with pathologies and lameness issues. We always use the gait analysis system as part of our remedial farriery package and we offer to write up your horses case history so that your home team farrier or the other professionals involved in your horse's management are able to then come up to speed with the horse's shoeing protocol.



I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work for other organisations, not just for myself. I have worked for Team GB since 2009 and across many different national programs working with both the riders and owners helping them and their own home farriers find possible performance gains. I have also worked at London 2012 as one of the head farriers, at Rio 2016 and again as head farrier for Tokyo 2020. These opportunities allowed me to work with different teams from different nationalities giving me an ability to help work with teams that might have different viewpoints and abilities.

I can help offer you an ability to help look at performance issues that may be affecting your horses at home and look to work with your home farrier to see if there are areas where gains can be made. Alternatively, I can help look to put an educational package together for your riding club or even work with a riding federation to how horses can be managed using best practice.

I have also worked with companies that needed products to be developed and tested. We can where possible help to test and do case studies on specific products and how they have performed. If you have a product that you would like testing or would like to have an input on from a farrier and help to develop an idea then please do not hesitate to call!

Modern science has given us the ability, even with our own smart phones, to look at using apps to be able to video and view in slow motion the different and varying degrees of movement that our horses might be showing.

Some of these gait characteristics are ever so slight and hardly visible to the naked eye and some are obvious but may have different factors that might be affected at the same time. Using video like this has helped us to not just document each horses specific gate but also be able to compare the pre and post treatment/shoeing side by side and see the improvements that have been made.

We are one of the first farrier practices in the country to be able to have delivery of a very specific and new farriery gait analysis software. The Werkman Black gives us the ability to see into the horses foot flight and
importantly be able to measure that in milliseconds. The software allows us to see if by tweaking the shoeing we can help the horse become more balanced and in turn, better to ride.

The recorded data can be logged and checked regularly throughout the year and if the rider feels that the horse is not able to move so well, we can look to see if there is any noticeable changes in the gait and if there is anything that can be done with the farriery, or that the horse should be then referred to the vet to be looked at.


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