NAF Products in Stock

Posted By Ben Benson Farriers on 20th August, 2020

The whole team have been super impressed with the quality and high spec standards from the NAF products that we now have in stock. We were part of the trialling of the hoof oil last year before it was launched and we are so impressed with how well it penetrates and nourishes the hoof wall leaving an excellent finish and unlike others it is not greasy or slimy to touch after 10 minutes. This helps stop all the sand and dust sticking to feet unnecessarily and compromising hoof health, (especially horses with feathers) and either wicking more moisture out if the wall as it dries or preventing the wall from drying out when it is wet. It’s that good, every client who has tried some has re-ordered a pot!

Check out the video below to learn more.

NAF Products in Stcok

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